Maintenance Tips to Preserve Your Carpet’s Quality


Carpeted flooring is a popular option among homeowners as it provides a soft and cushioned under-padding. This makes it a safer flooring option for families with young children and older adults as it is inherently slip-resistant. Although carpet flooring is easily accessible and can be found at your local flooring outlet, it can also be challenging to maintain.

As a trusted carpet company in Michigan, we will share maintenance tips to prolong your carpet’s life:

  • Add an extra layer.

    High foot traffic areas in your household experience more wear and tear than other carpeted rooms. To protect your carpet from premature wear, consider laying down a decorative rug. Your local carpet store may offer a selection of area rugs to brighten a room and showcase your unique style. Additionally, a carpet pad can also keep your new rug in place.

  • Vacuum carpeted areas regularly.

    The key to a clean and well-maintained carpet is to vacuum regularly. Be sure to vacuum the entire space horizontally and again vertically. Use the crevice attachments to remove dirt and dust and vacuum slowly to pick up all the dirt that has embedded itself below the surface of the carpet.

  • Clean up spills right away.

    Time is crucial when removing spills to avoid stains. The key is to dab the spill instead of scrubbing the affected area. Scrubbing the spilled area pushes the particles further down into the carpet threads. You may also need to use specialized cleaning supplies to remove the most stubborn stains.

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