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Leon’s Flooring Outlet is a privately-owned company specializing in flooring products from A to Z. We have been serving the southeast Michigan Greater Metro Detroit Area since 2006.

Leon’s Flooring Outlet is a privately-owned flooring products and services provider in the greater Metro Detroit Area since July 2006, serving the community’s demand for quality flooring installation in Livonia, Michigan.

We are capable of all flooring jobs and projects ranging from rental properties, Flipping Homes, Luxury Homes, Retail shops, large commercial jobs, city and county jobs, installing a variety of durable flooring materials like carpet, tile, laminated wood, resilient, and vinyl.

To suit the themes and color schemes of your existing rooms, we offer materials of different shapes, shades, and patterns. You can even talk to our staff for design consultations, ensuring that your budget meets your expectations for quality flooring results.

From the living room to welcome your guests to your own bedroom where you slumber, have the privilege of luxurious floors that will complete any room in your home. Contact us at 734-466-3000 to talk to a friendly representative from Leon’s Flooring Outlet.