Getting to Know the Different Flooring Types


It can be a challenge to choose the right flooring for every room in your house, and there is indeed a lot to consider. You run the danger of getting the wrong material if you don’t take the time to exhaust all the options you have. This is why it works to your advantage to consult a Flooring Company in Livonia, Michigan, before making a decision.

Whether you’re thinking of hardwood flooring, tile, vinyl flooring, or a traditional stone floor, your decision will ultimately rely on the room itself, your household needs and preferences, and your budget.

Here at Leon’s Flooring Outlet, we take extra measures in making sure that our clients are provided with the best options. Not only do we offer superior flooring installation, but we also give proper guidance for every option that they consider.

With that, here are a few examples of flooring types along with their descriptions:

  • Engineered Wood Flooring:

    Compared to solid wood, engineered wood flooring has the appearance of real wood at a lower cost. With the right maintenance, it may last as long as solid hardwood flooring in terms of durability.

  • Stone Flooring:

    For both indoor and outdoor environments, natural stone flooring is a popular option. Examples include granite, marble, travertine, and sandstone. Stone is incredibly robust and can work as waterproof flooring.

  • Carpet:

    Homeowners favor carpet as a flooring material, particularly in bedrooms. Different hues, materials, and textures are available. Modern carpets are stain-resistant thanks to advancements in carpet technology throughout time.

If you wish to learn more about our carpet company in Michigan, don’t hesitate to contact us anytime!

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